Christmas Tree Virus Ornament (#3)


A Christmas tree ornament to commemorate 2020.  This ornament consists of a slice of hardwood (we think it’s Cottonwood) cut from deadfall we collected on our vacation property, that we have etched with everyone’s favourite virus of 2020.

It measures about 3″ tall by 2.8″ wide by 0.22″ thick, and has been finished with a hard wax oil that brings out the warm tones in the wood.

Suggestion: Hang this ornament somewhere on your tree when no one is looking.  Then on Christmas morning, challenge your family members to find the virus on the tree.  Have a vial of hand sanitizer ready as a reward gift for the person who finds (and touches) the virus first!

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This ornament measures approximately 3″ x 2.8″ x 0.22″ and is etched on both sides.  Perfectly sized for your Christmas Tree this year.

There is only one slice of wood that looks exactly like the slice of wood shown in these 2 pictures (front and back).  If you order this ornament, you will get exactly this pictured ornament, complete with all of the colouring and character inherent in this beautiful piece of wood.


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