Microwaveable Bowl Buddies (Many Fabric Choices!)


Bowl Buddies cradle your bowl while you heat up food in your microwave and help prevent you from burning yourself when you take the hot bowl from the microwave.  You’ll be able to take that delicious bowl of piping hot soup straight from the microwave to your favourite chair by the fireplace and enjoy eating it without melting off your fingertips!

They also work great for bowls of ice cream too — no more cold fingers when you’re holding that bowl of icy sweetness as you binge Netflix this winter!

Microwave safe.

Sold by the piece so you can mix and match!  Choose your favourite fabric pattern from the drop-down below and add a bowl buddy to your cart today!

(Please see notes about shipping in the details section below if you are outside of Fort McMurray.)

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Handmade from 100% cotton materials.  Microwave safe, so put your soup in the bowl, put the bowl in the Bowl Buddy, put both in the microwave, heat up your food and then remove the bowl and its buddy together safely to wherever you’re going to eat it.

Each Bowl Buddy measures approximately 8″ x 8″ and sits 3″ tall.  They have been carefully darted to fit and cradle the shape of a standard size cereal or soup bowl, though they often work well for larger bowls too.

These make very practical gifts for those you’re having trouble buying for: college kids who spend 4 years cooking all of their food in a microwave, those working from home and heating up leftovers for lunch, and late-night ice cream connoisseurs!


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