Heart & Endurance (Cold Sweat Book One & Thin Ice Book Two)


Cold Sweat Book One

Seventeen-year-old Hope Craig is deaf and training hard to make the biathlon Olympic Team. But when she is kidnapped from the groomed trails and taken into a remote cabin in the mountains, she must battle more than the elements to survive.

On the hunt for her daughter’s abductor, Colonel Amelia Matheson enlists the help of Richmond Morgan, a local Sheriff who once hurt her. To find Hope, Sheriff Morgan and Colonel Matheson must untangle a web of secrets, including their own.

Using her wits and skills, Hope sets out to escape the mountains and save the man her mother had sent to rescue her – a man who is not who he appears to be.

Thin Ice Book Two

Thierry Leboeuf, an eighteen-year-old goaltender, witnesses the drug problems plaguing his teammates. On the verge of exposing the traffickers, he vanishes on his way to a hockey tournament.

Julie Lavoie is no stranger to personal tragedy, but as she contemplates giving love a second chance, she must face her fears regarding the occupation of Rubens “Luke” Lucas, a federal agent embroiled in an explosive investigation.

The sudden disappearance of her only son tests Julie’s courage and determination. She welcomes Luke’s help to search for Thierry, but their two investigations intertwine, jeopardizing her chances of ever seeing her son again.

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Heart & Endurance contains two novels (Cold Sweat #1, and Thin Ice #2). Both novels are romantic suspense.

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