Handmade Wooden Chess Set


A simple — yet elegant — handmade wooden chess set designed and crafted in Fort McMurray, Alberta.


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Hand Made by the Fadden Family here in Fort McMurray.

This chess set features pieces cut from spruce and cedar woods using a scroll saw technique that achieves 3 dimensional results from 2 dimensional cuts.  The pieces are left as unfinished raw wood, and are intended to take on a patina over time as the set is played.

The accompanying chess board is also constructed from spruce and cedar woods, but has been finished in an oil-based product called Rubio Monocoat to pop the contrast and colours of the board.

Please NOTE:

  • Your chess set will NOT look exactly the same as the pictured chess set!  (The one in the pictures has already been sold.)
  • However, your chess set will be of the exact same design and materials and will feature pleasing pieces of wood that are carefully selected to look good together as a set.
  • Your chess set will be one of a kind, as is the nature of anything made from wood.


  • Pieces measure 1.25″ x 1.25″ at their bases and stand between 2″ tall (Pawns) and 4″ tall (Kings).
  • The board measures 14″ x 14″ and is a substantial ~1.5″ thick.  It stands just above your table’s surface on 4 small rubber feet.


  • After you complete your order we will contact you by email to arrange payment.
  • Our preferred payment options are cash on pickup or eTransfer and if you use one of these options we’ll give you a $25 discount off the price of this chess set (amount due would be $250 + any shipping costs).
  • We can also do PayPal (for your Credit Card), but the truth is that it costs us extra for the PayPal fees, thus no discount.

Pickup or Shipping

  • If you are in Fort McMurray, thank you for shopping local!  We can arrange a safely distanced porch pickup time or discuss delivery/drop-off in our coming email exchange.
  • If you are from outside of Fort McMurray, we’re not wealthy like Amazon, so unfortunately we cannot afford to ship anything for free!  Please use the “Ask a Question” button (above) to let us know where you live and ask us for a shipping quote.  We’ll do some quick math and let you know how much shipping will cost before we ask for payment.  If it turns out to be more than you want to pay, we will help to make sure that your order gets cancelled and you won’t be charged a thing.

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