Freeing Heaven’s Secrets Script (Digital Download)


A digital download of the script to Freeing Heaven’s Secrets — an immersive production written and directed by Luay Eljamal.

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Scheherazade, a young girl on her deathbed, promises her father she will visit him in his dreams and tell him what her heaven is like. On her journey to the other side, Scheherazade passes her blindness onto the audience and gifts herself with sight, inviting the audience to experience her heaven the way she experienced our Earth.

Freeing Heaven’s Secrets is a bare-bones performance telling its story through the elimination of language and most visual elements on stage; a recipe that works perfectly for diverse audiences from around the world. It encourages viewers to think about what it is that individualizes us, through the metaphor of “heaven”, without making reference to any one particular religion or culture. It is sure to illicit a multitude of understandings and interpretations from its audience, due to its abstract nature, and we are eager to interact with and learn from the perspectives that diverse audiences can bring to our production.

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