Earrings “Copper web”


Handmade copper color earrings with Austrian fancy stones and gold plated clasps

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How I make it: I may have an image in my mind of what I want the piece to look like, I make a sketch, sometimes I have all the things I require to finish a project.  I shop worldwide for the beads, crystals, semiprecious stones quality clasps often plated in gold or silver and zircon diamonds.  Then I sew it all together bead by bead following the blueprint which takes days, weeks and even months sometimes.  Being made of glass beads need to be taken care of, often duding construction, if I draw the thread too tight, a bead may break and I’d have to take it apart and rebuild it. 

This piece took around 8 hours of sewing beads together at the kitchen table.

Earrings size 6.5 cm (2,4 inches)

Materials : Austrian crystals, Japanese seed beads, rose gold plated clasps, Fire Line

If you like I can provide a Christmas box for packaging.

Free delivery in Fort MacMurray 

Please contact me via email : n.v.doherty87@gmail.com