DJ lessons (Beginners)


DJ lessons geared for beginners.

$30.00/hour @ min 4hours/booking. You are welcome to book multiple sessions.

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In this one on one course, I will share my 20 years of experience covering;

  • Equipment Knowledge 
  • Basic Mixing Techniques 
  • Basic Scratching
  • Track selection IQ (plus my secret mixing technique). 

This course is setup for individuals who already own or have access to DJ gear. This course is perfect as an addition to that new DJ controller to bought your kid for Christmas. I will help with setup and will also facilitate a hands-on walkthrough tutorial showing how all functions works. 

I also teach scratch lessons on turn tables as well as controllers. 

If you’re looking to play a set for your vary own house party, I can help you put together a set and mix routine that will impress your guests. 

If you want to learn. I’m happy to share my knowledge and experience with you.

– Jon Qpid